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Camera/Wiring harness


New member
Hey all,

I apologize if I'm bringing up a dead horse here. I have a 2011 F150 FX4, 5.0 coyote, screw. This week, after a car wash, I got the dreaded black screen followed by the message of no signal from the camera. I bought the flex plug n play camera from Camera Source, including the new housing and badge. Well.... That didn't fix anything so I'm assuming that the problem now lies in the wiring harness. I did check the fuses, ran full scan on Forscan, etc. Nothing seems to want to fix the issue. Any ideas or suggestions? Please don't give me the standard "use your mirrors" and other such derogatory comments. I can certainly back a trailer, hook up to a trailer and anything else I need to. I simply just want the accessories that came with my truck to work. Thank you.