Ford F150 the #1 Pickup Truck in the World

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Like the 5.0 Coyote in my 11 but electronics are a drag

Got a nice 2011 F150 Lariat Supercab Off Road 4x4 hi miler (196K) and cruises nice so far like the coyote vs the 5.4 but this heap has got
WAY too many warnings and crap to suit me. First the TPMS goes off tried to learn gor 3 wheels learned but evidently
bad sensor drivers rear THEN the damn passenger airbag seat warning goes off dont know what wrong there if you sit in pass seat
and get up it goes out but wiull come back on in a time or two maybe faulty airbag seat sensor I'll buckle the seatbelt pass side that may fix
I like how ford "masked" the rusted cab corners behind the doors on these newer ones and of course needs new rocker panels
But for around 10K I'm in an 11 with the 5.0 even with the glitches and the rust it's worth it. Looks damn good for what it is. Hell it's a Ford. Beats a Dodge I'm thinkin


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